Are you smelling your gerberas?

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Are you smelling your gerberas?

Today I ‘smelt the roses’ – well, gerberas in my case! – I stopped and appreciated what I have, know and enjoy in life and work!

Why? A great email titled: 20 things in 20 years arrived from business guru, philosopher and entrepreneur, Steve Sammartino whose Blog I follow. Steve shared his list of top 20 life lessons. I’ve cherry picked my top 11 (couldn’t stop at 10!) from his list that personally resonate to share with you:

  1. Taking longer to make decisions rarely improves the final result of said decision.
  2. Large companies primarily make decisions to protect income, startup companies primarily make decisions to grow income.
  3. Hard work from an average person invariably has better results than average work from a smart person.
  4. Passion projects often take a lifetime to bare fruit. The short term favours sacrifice of belief systems.
  5. Being aligned to your partners values is more important than alignment of interests. True for business and love.
  6. Technology is recalcitrant towards the status quo and history. It forges ahead regardless.
  7. Informal and self education is of greater value than the formal version. It should also never end.
  8. Secrets kill the soul.
  9. Ideas should be shared.
  10. Generosity is rewarded on the long run but may be invisible.
  11. The people we spend our days with has a greater impact on happiness than the work we do.

As always, love your work, and thanks for your tips and insight Steve! If you want to see Steve’s full blog post, read: 20 things in 20 years.

What resonates for you, what have you learned that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you, contact me!